MagForce USA, Inc.

Seeking $1M - $5M for Medical Device Commercialization

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Our purpose is to develop a NanoTherm therapy that can focally treat cancer lesions with minimal side effects for patients who have progressed to intermediate risk prostate cancer stage and are under active surveillance. Our technology heats up the tumor from the inside out with precise placement of our own nanoparticles directly into the tumor and the use of our own NanoActivator machine. No definitive therapy needed. We strive to improve the quality of life for patients around the world who have been impacted by prostate cancer.

  • Fundraising $3M to $5M buy portion of Owner's Shares at discounted rate of $20 per share with the following options:
    • Open to multiple investors investing anywhere between $500K to $1M or more each
    •  12 month buyback guarantee at 20% increase
    • Put 50% of shares back to the company for IPO at $45/share
    • Keep shares
    • Collateral of up to $3M for investing

Key points of MagForce USA (MFUSA)
  • IP rights owned solely by MFUSA for all of North America
  • Parent company in Germany (MFAG) owns 65% of MFUSA
  • MFAG owns IP rights for the rest of the world
  • CEO is the same for both MFUSA and MFAG
  • MFAG currently treats glioblastoma (brain cancer) in Europe as active surveillance for prostate cancer does not yet exist in other countries outside of US
  • MFUSA plans to treat other types of cancers including glio once approval is obtained for prostate cancer treatment
  • 2nd phase of clinical trial showed:
    • Zero side effects
    • One day procedure
    • Patients resuming normal lives immediately
    • Tumor ablation
  • Current FDA status - 2nd phase findings have been submitted and MFUSA is awaiting approval to enter final stage. No obstacles are foreseen and all findings were extremely positive
  • Final stage projected to be completed by year end
  • Commercialization targeted for Q222 - Q322
  • MFUSA has own clinics to treat patients with fully staffed sites - currently 3 clinics (Seattle, San Antonio, Sarasota)
  • Plans to open 2 more clinics in 2022 in the Midwest and east coast
  • Break even point estimated end of Q222
  • EBITDA estimated at ~70%
  • Low cost treatment with high reimbursement rate based on competitors - high profit
  • Code application has been submitted for approval to charge for reimbursement
  • IPO to be offered once MFUSA is commercial
  • All funding has been through parent company, CEO, and two investors
  • Current cash runway is less than two months - Seeking to raise funds quickly
    • MFAG unable to provide funding to MFUSA as COVID stalled all procedures in Europe
    • MFUSA had no effects from COVID since our treatment centers are all our own and we were deemed essential to keep operations and the clinical trial going
  • Considered medical device, not drug 

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