LLC is now LIVE with currently 95,000 SKUs adding more daily, Keeping Dollars and Jobs in the USA, 17% of consumers are willing to spend 30% more for a US made product.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn just launched the ONLY enterprise-level e-commerce marketplace for
US-made products.  Keeping Dollars and Jobs in the USA

Summary as of 11/11/23 " Launch Date"
  • has been in development for 23 months,
  • Launched 11/11/23 Veterans Day
  • 95,000 SKUs so far, listing more every day
  • Over 300 Manufacturers listed 
  • 4,200,000 lines of code ,,,so far
  •  Manufacturers list for free, we work on a margin, Wholesale/Retail, the current average is 36.2%
  • 100% proprietary Platform, can not be de-platformed
  • 99 security rating with Asure, which is very high
  •  Built-in Triple redundancy 
  • Fully integrated with Oracle/Netsuite
  • Politically agnosic  
Important Information
  •   89% of Americans consider China a competitor or Enemy 
  • 72% say they regularly seek out US-Made products to purchase but have difficulty doing so
  •  48% of Americans polled stated they are willing to pay 10 to 20% more for Domestic products
  • 17% Are willing to pay 30% more
  •  40% of Americans Say They Won’t Buy ‘Made In China
  •  60% of the Chinese are willing to pay more for a product Made in USA 
  • The world prefers to buy products and brands made in America more than any other country 
  • $1.8 M was raised from friends and family. 
  • His last start-up did $300,000,000 in sales and was listed as #13 on the INC 500
  • Founder was awarded Florida Entrepreneur of the Year 
  • At the Exit Investors made 15X

Use of Funds
  • Marketing 40%
  •  Continue Development 30%
  • Maintain operations until positive cash flow, which should be prior to the 21st month  30%
  •  Current Valuation is $26,000,000
  • $2,000,000 investment, $100,000 Min
  • 24 Month convertible note
  • 10% per annum, 20% discount on equity,
  • Converting Dec 2025
  • Equity is a possibility for the full amount.

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