Established Electric Bike Business Seeking Funding To Continue To Scale

We are seeking investors to help us scale up our inventory buys and looking to increase frequency of shipments of finished goods.

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M2S Bikes is a direct to consumer electric bike company with strong growth since launching our first electric bike models five years ago.

Since then, we've sold and delivered over 10,000 bikes to customers across the U.S. and have thousands of 5-star reviews. Throughout it all, one thing has remained a constant, our bikes are in high demand. Year over year we've continued to see strong growth, but with that comes an increasing need for larger quantities of inventory in order to keep up with demand. Supply chain disruptions this spring led to a short disruption in our ability to maintain our inventory flow, but that's now been resolved and our supplier is ready to ship as many bikes to us as we can accept.

Our electric bikes are in high demand and are frequently sold out due to the long lead times in receiving inventory. 

We are seeking investment partners to help us begin shipping finished goods that are ready to be sold. Currently we have over 20 containers of bikes ready to ship to us and we are optimistic that with the right investment partner we could turn over these 3000+ bikes by early spring 2022 and be in a great position to continue our growth trajectory for the next year and beyond.

For a brief overview of our electric bikes, visit: 

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