Rainsing $200K to help Design a Transportation Business Complex and use E-Commerce to Develop the Platform

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Business Consulting Helping people to achieve their goals with creative planning.  We are not just targeting truck drivers we are creating business owners using our business model in transportation to obtain trucks for owner operators to lease and go through our Mentorship Program that helps build drivers to become their own boss and obtain their own fleet under our Umbrella.  We will train them how to establish their own business entity, obtain a business EIN and a Duns #.  We will prepare them to have business credit before they complete our Program.  They will learn about the paperwork and how to dispatch their own loads.  (We will have virtual classes due to most of our business is over the road). Once they complete our program under a two year contract.  They will be entitled to obtain their own Trucking Authority and we will set them  up with a company that will handle all drug screens, driver qualifications and International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA)  on their own trucks.  If they continue with us under our umbrella we will help them become fleet owners under our Entity.   Also we will help them obtain a terminal location.  We take pride in creating more business owners in the world.  We will need Funding for Trucks, Virtual Training and use our Fleet App to track loads, equipment and vehicle tracking

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