Luxe Living Homes, LLC

Raising $1.6mm for two real estate development projects with projected IRRs of 30-40%

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Luxe Living Homes, LLC (LLH) has established itself as one of the top residential builders throughout the Pacific Northwest, with a combined team experience going back over a decade, and a record of over 700 remodel and new construction projects completed. Our focus is community driven, and we are guided by strict acquisition and construction metrics to ensure that our assets and investors are well protected.

LLH manages development projects from acquisition, design and permitting, through construction and quality control, acting as its own general contractor and using an affiliated sales company to sell its properties on the open market. The management team has an extensive track record of working with accredited and institutional investors to deliver consistent and superior returns, with over $15mm in capital gains distributed to shareholders over the past decade.

20 NE 60th Ave | Portland, OR 97213
  • The Ask: $800k in equity needed 
  • The Return: 35% of deal profits, with a projected IRR of 46% (46% ROI)
  • 14-unit condo development
  • $7.9mm projected sales price
  • Exit timeline is 12-months
6702 SE 72nd Ave | Portland, OR 97206
  • The Ask: $800k in equity needed 
  • The Return: 33.5% of deal profits, with a projected IRR of 30% (60% ROI)
  • 19-unit condo development
  • $9.4mm projected sales price
  • Exit timeline is 24-months
We are currently seeking $1.6mm in equity to cover acquisition through disposition of the two projects referenced above. 

This includes the purchase, engineering, permitting, construction, marketing and sales phases throughout the life cycle of each asset. We've set up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and LLC built around each specific project where investors are members of the LLC and owners of the assets. SPV funds will be liquidated and distributed upon the sale of each asset to the members of the SPV. Projected exit timelines are 12 and 24 months, with projected IRRs ranging from 30-40%. LLH is accepting subscription amounts as low as $100,000.

Investment offering summaries are available upon request.

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