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Raising 100k for continued production of Modern Wearable Blanket Design/ stake of Company. Lux Lounger, a revolutionary new wearable blanket merging style with comfort.

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Stay Cozy Anywhere with the
Lux Lounger Wearable Blanket
Press Release

October 25, 2023, Wallops Island, VA— Lux Lounger, a revolutionary new wearable blanket merging style with comfort to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience, is live on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life. 

The Lux Lounger Wearable Blanket is the ultimate solution for those who crave comfort and style in their everyday lounging routines. Unlike conventional blankets, this innovative product merges modern design with premium materials, making it the perfect accessory for cozy moments.

“Lux Lounger came to life because of an idea that originated with my grandfather. At 86 years old, he faces health issues and is naturally sensitive to the cold. I've often seen him sitting with a standard square blanket spread flat up to his neck, unable to move his arms,” says founder and CEO Jessica Cooper on the inspiration behind the project. “Witnessing this scenario repeatedly, I realized it was an idea I truly believed in. Lux Lounger became a reality, and since then, Mr. Poiroux has enjoyed the utmost comfort and coziness in his Lux Lounger."

The Lux Lounger is an easy-to-wear, full-size blanket that users put their body through the middle, drape over and insert their arms through. It includes buttons on both sides of the body opening to ensure a cozy fit for all shapes and sizes. The Lux Lounger aims to deliver the coziest of blanket with a Velveteen Fleece, Baby Fleece, and knitted Microfiber options for the launch of the Kickstarter.

“In the beginning we knew there were other similar products on the market that aligned with Lux Lounger. Everyday I would look at the design and think, ‘it's too much alike’ then other days I knew ‘NO’ this product design takes a much better look into the true functionality of what the consumer needs for a perfect lounge day! So to completely set Lux Lounger apart  from other products we knew that two stand out improvements would be better than one. That's where we have taken our focus on our fabric selections to a new level. Our plush, soft, cozy fabrics will make you say WOW when you get your hands on one,” adds Cooper.

Make cozy couch dreams a reality— Lux Lounger is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Lux Lounger

Lux Lounger, LLC, founded in the Spring of 2023, is a wearable blanket design company which prides their designs and functionality on the consumer wants and needs of newer generation ideas. Women-owned company, launching November of 2023, CEO & Founder Jessica Cooper is on a mission to launch Lux Lounger as the world's newest wearable blanket phenomenon. Cozy, comfy, plush fabrics you've been needing and functionality you've been dreaming of.

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