LSR Products LLC

5 years E-commerce experience seeks $150 K to become a "Sponsored Authorized" Amazon (FBA) Storefront Seller.

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INDUSTRY:  Start up as a Authorized Licensed "Sponsored" Amazon (FBA) Storefront Platform seller.   Over 5 years of experience in the industry.  
OPPORTUNITY:  Scalability and Profitability is in this Multi Trillion-dollar industry.
NICHE: LSR PRODUCTS LLC will be selling these already licensed, authorized, approved, SPONSORED Amazon products.  These products have a Sell Through Rate (STR) of or better meaning, sold quickly, repeatedly with a high Inventory Performance index (IPI) rate.  These name brand products i.e. Colgate, Whirlpool (filters) to mention a few are priced competitively are fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) centers with the benefit of FAST FREE shipping and delivery.   Though our categories have a lower net profit margin of (12-15%) volume makes up the difference while reducing risks and potential added costs and expenses.   

EXPERIENCE:  Five (5) years previous experience selling my patent pending international eyewear lanyards, "CottonSnaps" utilizing Shopify, eBay, e-commerce platforms and 300 retail outlets.   

GROWTH:  Morgan Stanley states e-commerce makes up 22% of sales ($3.3 trillion) and is likely to reach $5.6 trillion by 2026.  Over 60% of Amazon's sales revenues come from private sellers. Amazon hosts over 343 million products.  Amazon's net revenue ending September 2023 over ($554 B) up 9.4% over 2022.  Amazon has over 200 million "Prime Club" members which is why, Amazon's (FBA) Storefront Platform is the number ONE place shoppers look too.   Prime membership accounted for 67% of all US households and 71% of Amazon's customers were Prime members.   Amazon ships 1.6 million orders each day thereby, racking up 16.3 million dollars in sales revenues every second raking in revenues of 1.4 billion each day. 

  •  Amazon's share of the pie is 37.8%  
  • Walmart is 6.3%
  • eBay with 3.5%         
  • Pole 2022 concluded that:
  • 80% used e-commerce due to fast and free shipping.
  • 69% wide selection of products
  • 66% used their Prime Membership (free shipping)
  • 49% due to pricing
  • 44% easy return

  • 41% Clothing, shoes and jewelry
  • 36% Electronics
  • 30% home and Kitchen
  • 29% Cell & Accessories
  • 29% Beauty & Personal Care
  • 28% Grocery & Gormet Food

MORE INFORMATION UPON REQUEST:    A comprehensive Business Plan includes P&L for 2023 of Actual Storefront Financials, Start-Up Costs, LSR Cash flows, scaling for years 1 and 2.

Magazine Article on Cotton Snaps see:

$150 k

E-commerce  Amazon (FBA)  Storefront Platform

Offering only Amazon fully licensed and approved
High Focused Categories (see above).



Plano, Texas 

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