Raising $1m to execute on a sales, marketing and development plan over 30 months, taking LSG to $30m valuation

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LSG supports two primary industry verticals. 1. Insurance/corporate legal departments and 2. Law firms (under our TrustLegal brand). We have Fortune 500 companies, such as Coca Cola and a number of high profile hedge funds as customers, plus a growing number of small to medium sized law firms in the US, Canada, UK and India. The expansion and growth plan is aimed at onboarding  more customers via our AI-powered enterprise and saas platforms.

Our AI engine is not built on ChatGPT, but on our own proprietary algorithms and source code. This tool is called AI-GRC. We are initially utilizing the engine in the legal billing space for both corporates and law firms, but believe it has much wider application in the spend management space across many other industry verticals, including healthtech.

Our Mercury ELM (enterprise legal management) platform  is cloud based and provides a robust workflow management and auditing capabilities.  We bring Process Automation using AI.

Resolvr-GRC is our flagship spend management ERP for hedge funds, private equity and wealth managers, providing streamlined workflows, expense allocations and apportionment (SEC regulatory compliance obligation), plus integrations into AP, Finance and Legal.

TrustLegal is the name for all LSG's law firm focused products and services, including: Bilr - cloud based time recording, billing and payments app., and the suite of TrustLegal Benchmarking, Analytics, Consulting and the TrustLegal Score - think of this as the "Yelp for Lawyers"

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