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Raising $3M for opportunistic, accretive, acquisitions (with ~65%+ margins) and basic operations

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We buy (and build) mobile apps to increase revenues, engagement, and number of users. Our team helped create the mobile ad industry and has a current acquisition pipeline of $20M of revenue (with an avg. margin of 70+%) will immediately boost our company valuation.
Our business model leans on our executive team who created the first mobile ad platform and created the first news app for the Apple app store.  Our team (business model) are experts in optimizing mobile app revenue and managing app growth.  In addition, we have 16 team members, 2 development groups, and a heavy hitter lineup of company advisors working to quickly grow to a $60M-80M revenue/year company.
Our Raise:
We are raising up to $3M million (for small acquisitions and basic operations).
We have made two acquisitions already – a Wood Block Puzzle game out of the UK and Newsfusion, a news and sports aggregations app publisher out of Israel.  Our company is live with 150 apps, revenue over $20K/month revenue with margins at 70%+.  We are already cash flow positive.
We also signed a term sheet to buy additional publishers that account for 33 live apps in the photo/video editing and health/fitness verticals.  Total combined revenue is $12 million with 65% net income and they are growing 100% annually.  One acquisition includes a mobile app development team in India.
This opportunity is as unique as the consolidation of the Amazon FBA businesses that started 2 years ago.  The top Amazon FBA business valuations have grown 800x+ in past 2 years.  We have a similar strategy in the mobile app space so we assembled the best executive & developer team in the space.
Industry forecast:
The mobile app industry is grappling to find talent who can optimize mobile app revenue with the latest privacy changes.  The recent industry changes have made extremely difficult on publishers with a small number of live apps.  Small publishers are left with severely depressed app revenue and limited ways to fund current and future development.  As a result, our networked executive team has many options to grow our already large app portfolio though acquisitions at attractable valuations.
If you use a mobile phone you probably have three or four favorite games.  You also probably have a many productivity apps (retail shopping, turn by turn navigation, pdf scanners, picture collage, video editing, finding coupons, etc) that make your life easier.  With the 5G rollout, the upcoming Olympics, secure privacy, and the opening of the global economies; mobile apps will take a more prominent role in our daily lives.  That’s what we do.
We hope you join us on our rapidly growing journey.  

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