Lotro Corporation You Win We PAY Your Debt

$ 5 Mil to start a Copyright Unique Debts Paying Program in Retail Marketing that will take over and help Globally

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We have tested our everyday disposable products (scratch and sniff air freshener) and research has showed that 94% of people will use it.  We are the only ones who have this unique idea to help people pay off their debts. Our product will be launched Canada wide and our goal is to become North America wide in the next couple years.  If our customers have no debt and are winners they are able to transfer their winnings to a third party of their choice which then can gain from this product and pay off their debts. 

Our Plans are to Advertise super heavy for    2    to    3   Months and then  open Business once all  has been put in place across Canada.   
The sales of large amounts of our products will generate our revenue and the advertised winnings and winners will drive the sales up as well as on social media. Our goal is to start with 5000 to 10000 store fronts.

 If (10,000) stores  sells Min   1  / product per/day  @ $5 will be  at     $    50,000.00    
 If (10,000) stores  sells Min 10 / product per/day  @$ 5 will  be at     $  500,000.00     daily revenue. 

 We  have  used a professional printing company on our test run, and plans are to used them for all Printings of our Products. They have thousands of contacts available  linked  with marketing agents.   We have discussed  with them and ready to go for a certain  royalty they will provide us with their agents info to be able Us a full distribution across Canada. 
Example; Esso,  Tiger Express, Shell, Canadian tire, Rona, Petro Canada, Kwik way,   7/11,  all  Corporations, Mom and Papa stores  the structured concept proves that etc. 

This Specialized Professional Printing contact that We have are  Licensed bonded and qualified to do protection scratch  on products, they also do small Private lottery in foreign countries. This contact will help us get out there  in all store fronts right away. I am  looking forward to launch this product and give all debtors the opportunity to become debt free, to enjoy their lives and families.

The Growth of this Business will be  Very Profitable to All and It will never Die as  People will always want more Material Things  Putting them Back in Debts  Purchasing our Products to help them Be Debts Free Once again .     150% Positive  

Soon as We secure  your Investment Our plan  is within  6 months being in  Business across Canada and   That your Investement  be   Returned in Full and  any other Arrangement continue  as per agreed  upon.    

Must see structure of  company to fully understand concept ,,,"  contact us if you require more info"

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