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Raising $1M to purchase equipment, new packaging and support the growth of emerging waffle company.

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Lopaus Point makes the most delicious waffles! Founder Stacie Skinner created her recipes in her home kitchen for her son. She then began selling them in her local farmers markets followed by small markets and eventually to larger grocery stores like Whole Foods Market. Full of flavor and free from added sugar and other filler ingredients, these small batch waffles were quickly filling a void found in a sea of mass produced, flavorless waffles. People loved the wholesome ingredients, incredible aroma, flavor and texture of Lopaus Point waffles. 

Stacie has both a business and culinary background. She has been a retail planner as well having worked in food research and development. This combination of talent provides an excellent foundation for leading the Lopaus Point team and brand.  Stacie is obsessed with using the best natural ingredients and a process that is based on her homemade techniques. Lopaus Point waffles are certified Kosher, certified gluten free and are Project non-GMO verified. The company is also a certified woman and minority owned business.

The Lopaus Point team is small and full of hustle. There is a robust range of experience from the food industry. People are cross trained so there is always a helping hand when needed and people are able to appreciate one another’s contributions to the team. Lopaus Point trains and employs people that are differently abled, and has from the start, with Stacie’s first helper being a young woman with a developmental difference. Our team operates on a ratio of approximately 5 typical to 1 not typical person. We partner with GoodWill Columbus to find our incredible candidates and to ensure training and support is available to everyone as needed. 

Lopaus Point is just getting started. We have had very limited resources and grown organically, self funding for many years. Our online shop has limited traffic but has experienced significant year over year growth. We have an incredible 53% return customer rate at our online shop. We deliver outstanding, personal customer service, including hand written thank you notes. We know with additional funding and resources we can reach more customers through retail, online and eventually food service. We have plans for future innovation but believe we first need to let everyone know about our fantastic waffles. It is our goal to be a national specialty food brand.

With the acquisition of an already selected waffle machine (to introduce size appropriate automation) and executing an already completed packaging redesign, Lopaus Point will be poised to take meetings with retailers such as Target and expand into additional Whole Foods Market regions beyond Midwest and MidAtlantic. A new online store and strategic ad spends will allow the online shop to grow into a robust channel. Fulfillment is managed in house to ensure accuracy and the best customer experience. With the addition of a dedicated Account Manager, our current accounts can receive the additional attention they need for growth and new retail partners can be sought out. 

We are in a hot spot of many trending categories: Frozen, Frozen Breakfast, Better For You, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No Added Sugar, Non-GMO and more. We are looking for an investor that understands who we are, is excited about our product, mission and wants to contribute and be a part of something deliciously different!

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