Longhorn Drone Light Shows

Regionally unique, Texas based, company raising $600k for an initial equipment purchase.

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Longhorn Drone Light Shows creates beautiful visuals in the sky by leveraging the latest in drone technology to pilot a fleet of hundreds of drones equiped with bright light arrays. We aim to create logos, animated figures, messages, or anything our customers can imagine.  The technology we aim to leverage is already well developed, safe, and approved for use in the United States.  Longhorn Lights aims to tap into the commercial fireworks display market, which is driven by pre-approved budgets and public expectation, and revolutionize the experience with unique and event specific drone light displays.

Longhorn Lights is seeking funding to pay for our first drone fleet and to remain cash positive during our initial development and marketing phase.  Our largest asset would be the drone fleet itself, which we will purchase from one or several drone light show technology companies, which specialize in this type of equipment.  We would be the ONLY company offering this service in the state of Texas and there are only 3 other companies doing this work in the US, one of which is in California, one is in Michigan, and the other is actually Intel (who typically subcontracts with local or foreign teams to do their shows).  We've already started talks with Intel and once we get a few shows completed to prove ourselves we should be able to do business with them.

During our initial market research, we found that there is a huge demand for these types of displays, but the companies and municipalities that are seeking it cannot find any providers.  The market is in dire need of supply to feed this demand.

Switching perspective, a little about ME.  My name is Michael Lucas and I am the Founder of Longhorn Lights.  I've been flying commercial class drones for almost 4 years now and a currently hold an FAA Part 107 UAV license.  For the past 12 years I've been in technology and the last 6 years I've provided cloud architectural consulting for companies wishing to migrate to or from either Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services.  I have found great success doing this and it affords me the flexibility to start work on this venture while remaining financially stable. 

Please consider this information.  If you do decide to invest in us, I can tell you that you will be helping to transform an industry and leveling up Texas with a beautiful service that is bound to make headlines.  Thank you very much for your time!

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