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$225K Start-up capital for $2.2+ Million a year ~ Sales & Marketing Business in Hispanic/Latino Markets!

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~ Lofton Bay Company Statement:

We are the Lofton Bay Company (dba: Big Red Octopus Marketing), a start-up B2B Marketing and Sales agency that specializes in helping “Hispanics and Low-Income Families” directly connect with local goods and services at discounted rates through our unique and custom designed “Big Red Octopus Kiosk Stations” in North Carolina. (Capital needed to develop and manage~10 stations ~ in 10 locations first year of operations) We are seeking $225,000 investment for 15% ownership (open to options) in a $1.2+ million a year business model. (see business plan for full details – extremely exciting!)

~ Market Size:

The United States is currently the second largest Spanish-speaking country, after Mexico. U.S. Hispanics make up about 17.4% of the total US population and represent $1.5 trillion in purchasing power.  

~ Market Growth:

North Carolina Hispanic population grew to just over 1 million people (25% of total residents) in 2019-2020 and contributed over $9 billion to local economies. It is expected to increase by 8 -11% by 2025.

~ Our Monetize Plan:

Our business revenue model is very conservative to capture $1.2+ Million of local Hispanic and low-income market shares in North Carolina by 2021-2022. Expansion to grow by 80% to 100% by 2025 is very achievable because business model can be duplicated and applied to any local Hispanic community ~ in any state!

~ Marketing & Sales Plan: (Multiple streams of revenue opportunities)

“We have developed a ~ “Old School-meets-New School” ~ Kiosk Marketing Station that will accelerate the buyers’ journey ~ from initial product awareness ~ right through to first purchase”

Our concept is incredibly unique by the way we have designed our “Big Red Octopus Kiosk Stations” to be strategically located in VERY selected “untapped Hispanic Markets!”  Each Kiosk is specifically design to a single demographic location. We then sell “multiple media packets” to local small to midsize businesses (within 10+/- miles) of each Kiosk to directly-link consumers to their goods and services at discounted rates. Each Kiosk will co-op with local city agencies/services and be a communitive information source to help ‘New Hispanic Residences and local families” connect to cultural products, services, and events. “Big Red Octopus Stations” are web based operated and fully compatible with any mobile device. Additional capabilities include: Custom printed gift cards, promotion certificates, tickets to events, Western Union money transfers and software is expandable to offer multiple new services. 

~ Competition: 

We have no direct competition in our “Big Red Octopus Stations” concept, but we will be bidding for the same share of advertising dollars each business will spend per year. Our packages offer a full turn-key marketing plan at monthly/yearly rates that are lower than average market pricing. Largest Return-On-Investment for each advertising partner.

~ Manufacturing and Supply of Kiosk and Software:

We have sourced two manufacturing companies in China to custom produce the LCD Advertising Digital Kiosk machines and working with a local software company for programming in Window/Android CMS software development. 

~ Personnel and Team Members:

Michael L. Brown, President / Operations has over twenty-six years’ executive experience in start-up operations with proven success. Professional background started in 1990 in textiles where he developed a $10 million, private label apparel manufacturing company. Developed a successful Hurricane Shutter Company in 1998. Helped start and managed a Home Improvement company from 2001 to 2016 and currently involved with a Media, Broadcasting and Publishing company. He has the experience, passion, and knowledge to do what is required to make this business concept work and be successful. 

The Lofton Bay Company has teamed up with three local businesses and multiple free-lance contractors in the Winston-Salem, NC area who bring over 15 years of expertise in all aspects of our business model. Domain names and business platforms have been set-up and we are ready to launch business in July 2021. 

Full business plan available for review once non-compete is signed and verified. 

Michael L Brown, President

Lofton Bay Company


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