New Real Estate Investor Determined to Build an Empire!

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My business, established 6/21, named LMJJ Creative Property Solutions, was named after my children (LMJJ-Laurie, Mike, Jesse, Joshua} Shawn, I am a new Real Estate Investor  who recently used all the money I started out with to set up my business.  I am looking for some help in purchasing some properties to start doing flips, long and short term rentals and airbnbs. I also have my eye on a motel that has been sitting vacant since 2018 that I know I could do wonders with!!!  There is a large 4 wheeling arena in my area that is in need of an airbnb that people come from far away to use and have no where to stay. I want to give back to my home town by getting rid of all the non repairable properties and rehabbing the repairable ones. I am very ambitious, very hard working and ready to go. I will not let you down. I am a nurse and have been working right through this pandemic non stop at the hospital and at my business. I am not afraid of HARD work. I am also a member of The Women's Real Estate Investing Network and Tresa L is my mentor. I have learned so much from her and her two children recently and from Fortune Builders in the past. I am ready to go out and build an Empire!!!

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