Little Texas Bison Ranch Ltd.

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Little Texas Bison Ranch will provide ethically grown, healthy, hormone free, grass fed, stress free bison meat to our customers while protecting the soil, water and the environment. This will be done with integrity, ethics and a deep respect for the land, bison and all involved.





Consumers are looking for a healthier and more naturally raised alternative to the commercially and feedlot raised beef, chicken and pork.  Many have found that alternative in bison, so much so that the demand has outgrown the supply.  Little Texas Bison Ranch will provide the healthiest and most naturally grown bison and help fill the void in the market.
Mission Statement
Little Texas Bison Ranch will provide ethically grown, healthy, hormone free, grass fed, stress free bison meat to our customers while protecting the soil, water and the environment through regenerative agriculture practices.  This will be done with integrity, ethics and deep respect for the land, bison and all involved.  It is our deepest desire to develop our business to be self-sustaining, profitable and a legacy for our children and grandchildren by providing the best quality bison meat to our customers.

Highlights of Our Company
·         Demand for bison has outgrown the supply, we will help fill that demand
·         We will produce a chemical and growth hormone free product
·         No use of chemicals on the land or in the bison
·         Highly sustainable and environmentally safe
·         Bison is recognized as a healthy alternative to commercially raised beef, chicken and pork
·         Is an internationally viable product
Little Texas Bison Ranch‘s primary objective is to provide the healthiest bison meat available on the market.  The bison will be raised in the most natural way by implementing regenerative agricultural practices that eliminate the use of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or growth hormones.  The bison will be rotationally pastured and grass fed.  No grain finishing or feedlots for our animals.  Our products will be marketed locally, nationally and internationally and will be advertised on our website, Facebook, local newspapers, and in the Alberta government catalogue for international buyers.
Little Texas Bison Ranch will have approximately 3,200 acres of prime land, perfect for raising bison, located in Big Lakes County, Alberta.  The area also has great potential for expansion of the ranch through acquisition of more land.   
Our main objectives are:
·          To provide the healthiest bison meat products on the market
·          Increase our breeding herd annually
·          Acquire more land to expand our cow/calf operation
·          Continued development of our national and international customer base
·          Build an onsite gift shop and deli
·          Research the feasibility of an onsite abattoir 
Little Texas Bison Ranch will have several lines of products to offer our customers.  All of these items will also be available on our website and in our store onsite:
·          Live animals for marketing to wholesale purchasers
·          Carcass sides
·          Cut and wrapped meats
·          A line of organic deli and specialty meats such as sausages, pepperoni and jerky
·          A line of giftware that will be available on the website and in our gift store
·          A line of bison rugs, robes, décor skulls
Management Team
Co- Founder and CEO:  Kelly Foy
·          History in ranching
·          Strong business skills 
·          History in the automotive industry which will allow us to do our own equipment repairs and maintenance
·          Has extensive administrative skills
·          Great team player
·          Outstanding organizational skills
Co-Founder and Vice President:  Lyn Foy
·          History in ranching
·          Previously owned and operated two successful businesses
·          Strong bookkeeping and administrative background
·          Great team player
Challenges and Opportunity
More bison ranches are needed now to help fill the demand for bison meat.  Research shows that the demand for bison has surpassed the supply.  Bison is the natural choice for consumers looking for a healthier and more holistic alternative to the commercially raised products available.  By raising our animals using regenerative agricultural practices and by expanding our operation we will be able to not only supply the local market but be able to supply internationally as well.
Market Size/Target
Demand is now exceeding supply by an estimated 10 to 25 percent, according to the National Bison Association’s regular survey of commercial bison marketers. The market for bison is growing not only locally but also nationally and internationally.  Our target market is the consumer looking for the naturally raised alternative to the commercial non-organic product.  Our products will appeal to those consumers looking for a product that is not only ethically and sustainably raised with the least environmental impact but also those that want a naturally healthier meat.  Research shows that bison ranching not only has a minimal environmental impact but is highly beneficial to the eco system especially when rotational grazing is utilized.
Business Model
Little Texas Bison Ranch will be using two business models as we develop our products and customer base.  We will be selling directly to a wholesaler (business 2 business) as well as selling directly to the customer (business 2 customer).
Business Description

Little Texas Bison Ranch will be located on 3,200 acres 33 kms south of High Prairie in Big Lakes County, within 2 1/2 hours of the city of Grande Prairie. The ranch will be owned in joint tenancy, incorporated and operated as a bison cow/calf, finisher business by Kelly and Lyn Foy.  Kelly and Lyn’s two sons, Logan and Shawn Foy will be assisting on the ranch during the busy seasons.  It is the intent that the ranch will be a family legacy and will eventually be turned over to Logan and Shawn and then to our grandsons.  

The ranch will start with a herd of 520 bison yearlings for finishing.  The finishers will be grass fed through the summer and sold in the late fall early winter. The proceeds from the finishers will be used to purchase 350 finishers and a foundation breeding herd of bison of 100 pregnancy tested heifers and 5 breeding bulls.   Each year proceeds from the sales of the finishers will be used to purchase breeding stock and finishers.  By the end of the eleventh year our bison herd will have 400 cows, 27 bulls and 400 finishers totaling 827.

.  A large portion of the finishers will be marketed to wholesalers; the balance of the finishers will be sold directly to consumers through our webpage and local markets.  As our company grows and expands more of our products will be retailed directly to customers and less through wholesalers. As it is our intent to be the largest bison producer in Canada a portion of the profits will be used to for expansion by purchasing more land and bison.  


Financial Requirements


            Little Texas Bison Ranch is seeking $6,905,000.00 USD.  


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