Lit Rides Worldwide Inc.

Raising 500k for New Ride Share App

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A new Ride Share Company out of long Island n.y called Lit Rides World Wide a new company with a twist. Now we make it safer for woman drivers & passengers to have the choice to pick up or ride with only female on their way to any destination. We have added a new tab different from the other competitors who put money over safety. So at Lit Rides we felt to make it safe for our mothers and daughters who are out picking up part time hours or drive full time or just going to work or a night out and now with the new options added to our App you have a choice and it could now feel a little bit safer for your child and minds on their next ride share experience. Lit Rides is the future we are company thinking about the safety as we think about the success of our company. But we do need you and you to come a board and take this ride as we become the first ride share company to put safety over everything. So come join us into the future.

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