Real Estate Listing Platform looking to raise 300k to hire employees and build database of commercial real estate assets.

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Raising 300K for the ultimate listing platform.  Listconn stands out from other platforms as it is a multi-faceted web application.  Investors can view listings and immediately start to run calculations, build budgets and edit interactive charts.  We also aim to build a large database of off-market commercial real estate assets.  

As it stands, agents pay high fees to advertise commercial real estate listings on other platforms.  We believe there is an opportunity to offer agents a low-cost to no-cost solution to post on our site, while providing valuable tools for investors.  Other than promoted listings, Listconn will provide free listings while offering financing and software to investors.

We also have the technology to create the most advanced search, where investors can identify the markets they would like to target by population, population density, home values, household income and other metrics.

This could be a great opportunity for an angel investor as the majority of development is complete and Listconn is looking to go live in the weeks to come.  Please contact me to schedule a demo:

Andrew Gilmartin
Founder & CEO
[email protected]
(401) 419-1353

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