Link Labs Inc.

Link Labs is an IoT technology company that provides real-time enterprise asset visibility for manufacturing and logistics operations.

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Link Labs is an IoT technology company that provides real-time enterprise asset visibility for manufacturing and logistics operations. We operate a PaaS (platform as a service model) for businesses. We are raising an additional $3M on a total round of $13M ($10M already raised Sept 2022). Since then, we have increased MRR 87% to an ARR run rate of $2.8M annually. We are currently Series A, with angel and family funds. Forecast is to reach $5M GAAP ARR run rate by end of this fiscal year and raise growth equity round next year.

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Link Labs holds nearly 30 US patents (plus international) that enable the technology and provide core differentiation. We are currently processing more than 2 Billion location and sensing events per month!

What we do: We provide our customers with the real-time location and sensing data to know:
1. Where assets are (within 30 cm, indoors and outdoors, at any time, with a global SKU, via a single platform or integrated with their platform)
2. How assets are doing (any BLE sensor - temperature, humidity, shock, tampered, open/closed)
3. What assets are doing (crossing outdoor or indoor boundaries, dwell and transit times, moving/stationary, separated from a group, route history).

Key Differentiators:
1. Unprecedented location capabilities 
  • Only seamless indoor/outdoor platform combining BLE and UWB indoors, GPS, WiFi sniffing, Cell ID, and RTK outdoors
  • 1 meter indoor location accuracy using BLE. Patented BLE phase-ranging location methodology provides best-in-class location accuracy
  • 30cm indoor location accuracy using UWB. State-of-the-art UWB location performance. Patented battery efficiency allows for small form-factor tags.
  • 10-30+ meter outdoor location accuracy using WiFi, GPS, Cell Id. All available in a single device, configurable priority and use. Integrates to indoor.
  • 30cm outdoor location accuracy outdoor using real-time kinematics (RTK). 
2. Lowest cost in all respects 
  • Tags - best battery life in the industry via patented location and Extreme Low Energy (XLE) communication methods. Third-party mass-manufactured.
  • Indoor infrastructure is independent of corporate WiFi network, with a simple low-cost modular design.
  • Installation - all low-voltage; no unions or certifications required. Easy provisioning and setup.
  • Data transport - patented edge processing on tag reduces data transport and processing costs 100-1000x.
  • Cloud - infinitely scalable cloud platform architected for best-of-breed data responsiveness and cost efficiency.
  • Maintenance - all devices manageable via cloud; firmware over the air (FOTA) capable.
3. Massive use-case extensibility
  • Supports hundreds of BLE tag/sensor types (mass manufactured BLE sensors)
  • BLE and UWB with same infrastructure
  • Supports seamless indoor/outdoor
  • Single device can work with hundreds of cell carriers
  • Monitor groups of assets traveling together
4. Comprehensive enterprise-grade capabilities
  • Global 5G connectivity indoors and outdoors
  • Infinite scalability
  • Cloud-based device management
  • Cloud agnostic platform
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Easy integrations (MQTT, API to any platform)
  • White-glove customer service
Target Markets:
1. Manufacturing
  • IoT Market $88B, CAGR 12%
  • Heart of the Factory - WIP tracking (dwell times, bottlenecks, causes) and Tools/Calibrated instrument tracking
  • Upstream (supply chain) - Flow of parts and subassemblies, parts inventory on manufacturing floor
  • Downstream (distribution) - Finished goods inventory, finished goods delivery tracking and monitoring
2. Logistics
  • IoT Market $117.B, 11.3%
  • Leased Equipment - Fleet peripherals (trailers, chassis), Industrial (generators, earth moving, power tools, etc.)
  • Shared Equipment - Medical (pumps, ventilators, etc.), Instruments (calibrated tools, lab equipment, etc.)
  • Reusable Transport Items - pallets/totes/crates, cold chain monitoring
AirFinder is the name of the Link Labs product. AirFinder provides business value through unprecedented location accuracy and affordability to provide:
  • Leased Equipment Utilization
  • Reduced Search Time
  • Manufacturing Productivity
  • Customer Service
  • Tools and Calibrated Instrument Tracking
  • Loss and Theft Prevention
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Proof of Chain of Custody
  • Inventory Management and Building

Strong leadership team:

Offering terms:
Pre-money valuation of $10M; Post-money $23M ($10M closed in already)
Senior to all other equity
8% dividend
1x participating liquidation preference, until such time as company achieves $6M in ARR run-rate at which time the liquidation preference becomes non-participating

Lead Investors:
CR2 Capital Ventures and John Penshorn
Completed due diligence

Use of Proceeds:
Continue to invest in sales and marketing to further accelerate growth
Extend financial runway to be in a position of strength for a growth equity round in 2024

Minimum investment: $25,000

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