Lineage Watch Co.

An independent American watch start-up that designs, engineers, and purpose-builds watches in the USA using American movements. Seeking $250K for production of our first collection

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Lineage Watch Co. (hereinafter, “Lineage” “our” “we” or “us”) is an independent American watch start-up organized and existing under the laws of the State of California and headquartered in San Diego. We produce contemporary and timeless wristwatches designed, engineered, and purpose-built in America using quality materials sourced from both here and abroad. Our enterprise is family-owned and operated, and we seek to become one of the premier choices for American timepieces. 
Lineage collaborates with various suppliers across the United States who embody the same values and commitment to quality as we do. We also partner with experienced professionals in the field of horology to not only creatively capture our vision for each watch, but ensure our products are precise, efficient, and exceed customer expectations and industry standards. Our manufacturers and suppliers are experts in their respective fields, and effectively mesh the use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment, with elegant craftsmanship and classic horologic techniques. The relationships with our suppliers and experts are integral to bringing to life our watch concepts, which are each thoughtfully designed by our founders. 
We, at Lineage, seek to promote, celebrate, and honor, through our watches, brand, and commitment to social responsibility, the essence of America. This includes celebrating what we believe makes this country uniquely beautiful – our people of countless backgrounds (i.e., cultures, ethnicities, races, and creeds) united by the one and only American spirit. As you will see, our watches will be as diverse as America – one collection may embody a timeless aesthetic, with clean, bold lines, polished finishes, and conservative colors, while another may be whimsical with minimalist features and bright, eye-popping color tones. But, regardless of their appearance, the essence of all of our watches will be precise, purposeful, efficient, and dependable mechanics so as to deliver a lifelong timepiece that leaves a lasting impression. 
It is for this reason that we say our watches are built for trailblazers, go-getters, and doers, who like the Americans before us, challenged the status quo, accomplished the impossible, weathered the storms, and preserved with grit and grace to instill hope for generations to follow. In other words, Lineage watches are for those who live their lives as if “[e]very second is of infinite value”. 
Initially, Lineage watches will be available for sale through our online platform with Shopify under the domain  Though our goal is to always maintain a substantial e-commerce presence and broaden access to our watches online, Lineage also seeks to partner with large retailers and unique boutiques who maintain physical stores, have established customer followings, and offer in-person shopping experiences. As we work to strengthen our brand name and image with the assistance of a cutting edge public relations and marketing firm (we are currently vetting three (3) experienced agencies), Lineage will actively and persistently promote our watches and market our company through digital advertising (e.g., social media accounts and advertising, search engine optimization, content creation and management) and collaborations with critical influencers and support accounts of various backgrounds to target integral segments of our audience. Lineage will also work with renowned publications (e.g., International Watch Magazine), enlist the services of professional videographers and photographers for top-of-the-line marketing initiatives, partner with popular vendors for joint marketing efforts (e.g., StrapSmith, FTS USA), and invest in online advertisements (e.g., Google Ads, Facebook Ads, watch blogs, apps, etc.) to encapsulate a defined marketing plan. 
One of our most critical decisions in establishing this business was the selection of our manufacturer. As an American company, we seek to promote American materials and labor. In addition to its resources, state-of-the-art facility, and seasoned professionals (including a Chief Technical Officer with the globally-renowned certification of Master Watchmaker), FTS USA has created its own line of watch movements which are made in its Arizona facility by certified technicians using the finest parts and materials made in America and abroad. FTS USA is the only manufacturer of quartz movements in the United States and has recently patented its automatic movement, both of which we intend to use for our watches. Furthermore, all of our watches will be assembled by the hands of certified technicians under the tutelage of the Master Watchmaker in such Arizona facility. It is for this reason Lineage can confidently state that our products are “designed, engineered, and purpose-built in America.” We also join the few who can affirmatively state “American Assembly” and “USA Movement” on their watches. 
And while our mission is to become a premier choice for American watches, Lineage’s mission is to be more than a watch company. We demand a commitment to social responsibility and embodiment of our core values in our day-to-day operations. From dedicating ten percent (10%) of our profits to organizations directly serving U.S. communities, utilizing sustainable packaging in which a tree is planted for every box made, ensuring ethical sourcing in those watch components not made in the U.S., and committing to American workers and labor, community involvement and dedication to making the world a better place are at the forefront of our minds and business.  
We feel our company is uniquely positioned to flourish into one of the leading watch brands of our time, especially during this rebirth of American watchmaking and movement to support black- and woman-owned businesses. Our goal is to stay true to our roots, produce superior quality timepieces, and build a socially-responsible enterprise to prosper for generations to follow. 
Thank you for your time and consideration of our business plan. We are excited to bring to you our passion, our vision, and our product. 
Brianna N. Edwards, Esq. 
President & Chief Executive Officer 
Lineage Watch Co. 

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