Seeking $1M to expand sales into hospitals with patented FDA cleared AI Visualize platform to improve patient care. Raised $5M to-date with substantial runway.

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Overview: We built a patented, FDA approved, HIPAA compliant platform for AI Visualize revolution in medical imaging to improve patient outcome.

Why? Medical imaging provides insight into ones body. It is a tool to detect diseases such signs of cardiac, stroke, and even cancer. However, in the US, we have a high misdiagnosis rate. Wouldn't it be better if we detect this earlier? Preventative care is far superior than Symptomatic Care. It's about improving patients lives.

Problem: Existing healthcare systems for medical imaging is archaic (30 years old technology.) It's not apt to support the future of AI and Visualization. We are in an AI revolution and there isn't any platform out there that can support AI at scale.

Solution: We developed patented technology that can enable the proliferation of AI. This starts with having workflow tools that ends users can use but the underlying infrastructure is different to support AI and Visualization.

Traction: Bootstrapped and did about $2.0M in sales for 2021 in the free-standing medical imaging center market. Subsequently, raised $5M seed capital to develop the market segment with substantial runway.  Received $2M hospital group purchase order this month (September 2022) and so have identified the value proposition there. Also, partnering with a large cloud provider to assist them in penetrating the healthcare market.

Team:  Our founders are immigrant entrepreneurs with a mission to transform medical imaging to save patient lives. We came into the country with very little money and became Citizens. We have built a team of healthcare executives who are passionate of healthcare and improving patients lives.

Use of Funds:  Looking to raise additional funds to go into Hospital market, to expand sales into the hospital market segment. Hospital market segment is critical in expanding adoptions.  One is investing in improving patient care using AI in medical imaging.

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