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Hi my name is Griff, I am a singer songwriter with 17 years experience as a recording artist and 200 songs in my catalog written and recorded. I write genres from Hip Hop, R&B and POP.  I have made several major radio stations in U.S  and few online magazines without managers or publicist or promoters.

I even have a song I did with Drake, when he was at the time 16 years old, just starting of his career.

I am looking for funding, so I can hire the number 1 music publicist company AMW group. To promote my brand and launch a international campaign  6 month campaign with major media/TV, radio interviews, endorsements, shows, blogs, magazines and all online downloads and streams.  Creating a outreach of a million fans plus.

Main goal is to stay independent with marketing power to generate income from all streams from building the brand and touring. Being independent allows me to keep all profit margin without any splits with labels or managers allowing the investor to double their investment.

The investor will be able to expand their  portfolio and have connections within the entertainment industry. Within 6 months guarantee full return. Below is samples of my work. Happy to work out any conditions / contracts that all parties benefit.

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