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Helping working class Americans escape the rigorous journey of achieving financial success.

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Life Designers is a lifestyle management company that helps working class Americans escape the rigorous journey of achieving financial success through its credit repair & design system and its online financial education platform.
We specialize in Financial Education, Credit, Funding, Business Development & Investment Opportunities. Consider us a one stop solution for all your financial needs. 

                                                               WHY WE EXIST

In a 2019 population report by the US Census Bureau, 43.5 million people live below the poverty line, with 14.4% being children and almost 9% of people 65 years and older. While these numbers and categories are shocking, we are not surprised, especially with the high crime rate in impoverished and disenfranchised communities across the country.

This executive summary aims to discuss the above heading and how financial ignorance, poverty, and crime rate are the cankerworm eating through our communities and how failure to understand this correlation multiplies poverty and crime.

                                           WHAT IS LIFE DESIGNERS UNIVERSITY?

Life Designers University is an educational platform attempting to change the financial mindset of individuals from and in poor communities.

Poverty triggers crime that lands many in jail. The excuse for this attitude is the lack of the ability to make money, grow wealth, and sustain it. The Life Designers University concept is a mental awareness program that will improve poverty-stricken communities. It will in turn, lower the crime rate, keep folks out of jail and allow former detainees the opportunity to reintegrate into a financially educated society with the mindset to succeed.

Our Target Candidate

At the start of our journey as Life Designers, we targeted financially stable groups suffering a drop in their wealth balance and sustainability. Our decision was justified because we understood that people need to work, and entrepreneurs are the employers of labor. 

However, our roadmap changed after realizing that the rich will never be truly rich, with so many living in poverty and the increasing crime rate surrounding them. We intend to give 9 to 5 hard-working individuals a chance to succeed, build wealth, and move from employee status to employer status. Regardless of what we think, employers of labor are minimal compared to the people seeking jobs. 

Our Value Proposition

At a reduced and affordable price of just $1,997, this program is irresistible. In addition, our flexible payment plan allows anyone to partake in this once-in-a-lifetime dream opportunity.
Some competition will arise as the program takes effect, but we have an ace up our sleeves.  We have a strong robust credit repair system that manages to remove error and derogatory marks and accounts off our members and students. Is one thing to clean up ones credit, its another thing to design it and get it exactly where it needs to be for all creditworthiness.


The massive discount and extensive course outline will enable us to attract these groups – kids, seniors, military veterans, and former detainees. The Life Design concept will expand our brand positively and establish us as a dominant force revolutionizing how we as people perceive personal finances. With what we offer, reducing poverty, crime rate, and jail visits are inevitable.  That formula will produce a safer and more financially sound society. When people access the appropriate financial information, they stand a chance to succeed and change those around them.

Life Designers University is changing the paradigm for our community through learning and earning. We know that partnering with your organization will quicken this journey and impact more people in the community.

Let’s partner up, change lives, and help America go beyond just living!

Thank You for sitting through this read. I appreciate and cherish your time. Let's connect now.

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