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Need strong, heart-centered angel investor to help carry "the most important movement of our time"

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LEVELHEADED DOC is a grass roots company developed by Dr Andrea Vitz, D.C. She has created a direct and profound curriculum for what is being called "the most important movement of our time." Teaching real levelheadedness, clarity and peace through Emotional Sobriety Training (and it is for everyone!)

Emotional Sobriety Training is a level-up from the popular concept of Emotional Intelligence. Where through an accurate and in depth understanding of how our brain and biochemistry works, Dr.  Vitz  teaches us to not only be situationally in control (emotionally intelligent) but to completely transcend the default programs of anger, jealousy, fear etc... which lead to defensiveness, manipulation, secondary dependancies (such as drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, food issues, etc)

We know this curriculum works as we have had incredible success in transforming individuals and small groups, shifting the perspective and emotional addictions of everyday people.  This training works for everyone who truly applies themselves to it. We firmly believe that if we can bring this work to enough people, we can create massive metamorphosis in emotional health via creating stable, peaceful leadership in our families, communities and world. We intend on making Emotional Sobriety the most sought after trait!

Thank you for considering  investing in our movement. We are humbly in need of support ,as we have been working so hard from our hearts, hands and hard work up to this point. Our company is under one year old but this work is many years in the making. Will you help to bring this vision and potential to the entire world? 

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