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My name is Taylor Jackson and I'm here because I'm looking for funding for our app called Talk Lemon. Talk Lemon will be a movement. A groundbreaking Reddit-styled platform designed exclusively for employees to discuss sensitive workplace topics. It will provide a safe, anonymous space stripped of status, race, gender, and orientation. Individuals can discuss workplace issues, seek advice, and connect with others facing similar challenges on topics like discrimination, harassment, work environment and mental health. Our mission is to foster open dialogue, eradicate fear, and drive positive change within every company. We want to use AI to generates data from our users posts to show companies where their pain points lie in order to encourage them to take proactive measures to create a healthier and more inclusive workplace, ultimately leading to a more satisfied and engaged workforce.

Our team is extremely diverse, so we have all dealt with our fair share of workplace challenges. I’m the founder and I’m a black woman who’s sober and has suffered from mental health issues. I am very familiar with what it feels like to be discriminated against, verbally abused, harassed, doubted, and not taken seriously. My other team members are a black gay woman and a white gay man who have all dealt with their own issues when it comes to the workplace.

This app is the future. So help us by investing in Talk Lemon so we can give everyone the ability to take back their voice.

Thank you for your time,

Taylor Jackson

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