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Raising $1M of equity in a Short Term Rental (STR) Syndication: Our goal is to achieve a return profile exceeding 10%

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At Leicestermore Capital, our exclusive focus is on short term rental (STR) properties. 

Our goal is clear: to achieve a return profile exceeding 10% by leveraging the unique opportunities these markets offer.

We are currently poised to expand our portfolio and are seeking to raise $1M to capitalize on the burgeoning STR market. 

Our strategy hinges on acquiring underutilized single-family properties in high-demand locales, transforming them into high-performing STR assets through targeted renovations and dynamic operational strategies.
Key Investment Highlights:
- Targeted Value-Add Approach: Our focus on single-family homes allows for significant value-add opportunities through renovations and optimized STR operations.
- High Yield Potential: STRs provide superior rental yields compared to traditional long-term rentals, driven by premium nightly rates and efficient turnover.
- Market Resilience: STRs have demonstrated resilience and adaptability, maintaining strong performance even amidst fluctuating market conditions.
- Experienced Management: Our team brings deep industry knowledge and a proven track record in STR investments, ensuring professional management and operational excellence.
We believe this investment offers a compelling opportunity for private equity groups looking to diversify into real estate with a strategy that balances growth potential and risk mitigation.
I would be keen to discuss this opportunity in more detail and explore how we can align our strategies for mutual benefit. If this piques your interest, please let me know a convenient time for a call or meeting.

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