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Raising funds to purchase an existing Marine part's store. 1Mil

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I'm currently operating Boat repair shop and I have an opportunity to purchase a larger existing Business in my field. The business we are trying to acquire has been in business for several years and their annual gross profits have gone from 200k a year to over 600k. I myself have been in this field for over 5 years working at a large houseboat company that has a time share method. I left that position in March of 2020 as the manager to pursue my own idea's of a company in boating that has more of a traditional repair method on boats ranging from wake board boats to Houseboats. 
The business in mind to purchase has only sold parts to date I would like to optimize the company and use the existing property to create a fast service shop with the inventory on hand to have a quick painless process for the customers.  

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