Legacy Contracting LLC

Native American owned company focused on fence & masonry construction for both residential & commercial. Game changer idea on the way business is done in this industry.

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We are a masonry construction company based out of Arizona. Committed to continue commercial and residential construction.  Instead of the long haul of working one man out of a pickup with a helper, we choose to grow a company based on volume to secure more capital at a quicker rate.  I have been in this industry for 10 years and have worked for multiple companies learning the do's and don'ts before starting a company.  Year 2022 we completed over 200 projects generating $1.6 M in revenue for 2022.  We have grown large with a great administration, great team, and great partners.  Now leaning more into commercial we are seeking an investment for operating capital and expansion on some equipment.  
** We also have a great idea for a mobile app and website to be a complete game changer from consumer to owner! **

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