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Funding to fill the needs of students K- 12 with mental health/motivation book and podcast for parents

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I need funding for Learning Foundations, an Academic Coaching company who specializes in teaching study skills, emotional intelligence, and executive functioning skills to kids with  ADHD, EFD, Dyslexia and other academic and emotional challenges.  We have had a loss of Coaches and are struggling to find good hires, therefore we struggle to pay the rent for November and December 2021.

I would like funding to help pay my Coaches at a higher rate to adjust for the cost of living in denver and for their specialized skillset. 

We woudl like funding to sponsor a mental health/motivational book (for kids) and adjoining podcast (for parents) that teaches kids and parents how to manage emotions, how to advocate, and how to adjust expectations, and much, much more!!  Over the last 14 years, my small team and I,  have created an amazing interactive book  (My MoteNote aka My Motivational Notebook) that teaches kids visual ways to navigate time management, study skills, organization, emotional regulation/coping skills, encouragement, mental wellness, and how to see from other people's perspective. 

LearningFoundations.org is an educational resource for students and families who want more support academically and emotionally performance in school - we created an amazing book on Executive Functioning and Emotional Intelligence and we need funding to create podcast trainings for this book of coping skills.

I was a classroom teacher who stepped out of the classroom to start Learning Foundations with the intention of showing kids HOW so that I could provide Academic Support, study skills, emotional intelligence support and more because we are Academic Coaches who specialize in ADHD, EFD, and other special needs in education.
My business model is built on the theory of family and community systems by Alfred Brofenbrenner, Ecological Systems Theory,  a theory that explains the critical importance of understanding how  layers of environments affect a student's development and academic performance.   As the owner, I am a trained child developmentalist, a teacher, and a researcher - I have stepped out of the public system to make a difference in the lives of individuals who want help performing well in school and in life by teaching them HOW to study and advocate for themselves, while simultaneously teaching them lifelong skills of how to be resilient, how to engage in learning, and how to be an accountable learner in the classroom.   

Please help.

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