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Trying to raise $200,00 to help students out of the Covid slump in education

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I provide educational support to students who are behind in school. I prepare students for college entrance exams. I am a retired teacher of 27 years with a Master's degree,  a passion for teaching and a strong belief that all children can learn. I was not ready to give up on kids so I did some extensive research on the most successful tutoring models.  I came upon Huntington Learning Centers.  They have been in business since the 1970s.  Their model is successful and dynamic (they actually created a totally online model during covid).  
I used my entire retirement fund to purchase two franchises in my area.  The demographics are very favorable in this location.  I felt like the timing was good.  However, due to the supply chain shortages, the lack of employees and the building boom, things took much longer than they should have and cost much more than they would have less than a year ago.  With that being said, I am looking for funding of $200,00 to complete this business, and to start the second business.  

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