Patented Product Adds Hundreds of $Millions to Global Cannabis Industry

Patent Approved! We have invented a flavoring device that can be used with any cannabis flower vaporizer such as the Volcano, PAX, etc. No Competition. Not a vape pen.

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In the USA, more than 75% of Americans now have access to medical or recreational cannabis.
As a result, many law-abiding citizens will begin trying cannabis for its medical benefits, etc., 
some for the first time. 

However, most will not want the odor of cannabis in their homes since most, by this time, will
have children and grandchildren whom they still would like to set a proper example for.

Vape pens are unreliable, and often provide more harm than good to the human body, and do
not provide the same experience as natural cannabis flower.

What if there was a way to add natural fruit flavor to cannabis flower vapor, removing the odor of 
cannabis from the ambient atmosphere similar to aromatherapy, while at the same time delivering
delicious natural flavors to the taste buds upon consumption?

We have successfully designed, developed and patented our system that does just that.

Imagine cannabis lounges purchasing exclusive licenses to be the first to offer it in their areas...
Wedding receptions offering something other than liquor to celebrate the nuptials... Other types
of party celebrations and events, whether indoors or outdoors. And ultimately, in millions of homes
around the World.

We are on the cutting edge of a game changing, extremely lucrative industry, with a patented product.

Invest your money wisely, and safely while protected by a 20-year patent!

Eric Benson, CEO

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