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Raising $2.3M to Begin My Security Rollup

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Hi, my name is Nick Lawless and I am a disabled veteran and currently a Senior Inspector at the Department of Homeland Security.   With my government and military background, coupled with a friend’s law enforcement background, I am seeking to find funding for the first acquisition in a string of security business acquisitions nationwide.  The acquisition I am currently working on is based in Fresno CA and the seller has agreed to $1.8M at closing with $500k seller financing.  The business currently does about $600-700k in EBITDA with appx $1.6M in revenue.

Being in Fresno means I can easily grow outward towards San Francisco to the North and LA to the South.   So long as I maintain majority ownership I would be able to secure set aside contracts from both state and federal entities being a service connected disabled veteran owned business.  These contracts are extremely lucrative and would help 10x any company.  My intent would be to grow this company in the first year and use profits to pay for more acquisitions of other security companies in many more states. After repeating this process a dozen times or so I would say let’s sell for an extremely larger profit.  

Full disclosure , I am working with a lender to go the SBA route but I am one to always seek several options and routes.  Please reach out with any questions.

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