Last Defense Utensil Wipes

Looking for buyer for my company- Price reduction $100k USD.

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I have a great product, but due to bad health, I am seeking an investor to purchase my company.  The amount of people still wearing masks and continuing to social distance while away from their homes has not waned so that is a sign that we all have to take precautions seriously still that’s what this posting is all about—highly recommended by doctors and Health Canada approval to give the following product we are offering for partnership with the right person or a complete outright sale of the product for an upfront cost and a 10% royalty. The offer we make is to purchase an Amazon sellers account and pay the associated monthly fees while the partner if that’s their choice purchases the inventory from our manufacturer in the United States then we have them ship the finished product to Amazon where it will be instantly number one in the category it will be placed in. This is a unique and rewarding offer for someone that rarely comes around if at all.  The other option on the table is the right to buy the product outright for a set amount to be revealed to interested parties and also requires the buyer to give a 10% royalty of gross sales for 25 years. 

This product is what we are looking for an investment for. It was created by myself Bernie Walsh owner/president and my daughter Sherri Walsh owner/vice president and CEO and it was fully researched over a 7-month period by a professional lab in Fredericton New Brunswick. The wipe idea was completed before the Covid 19 disease because germs bacteria and viruses were always around and always will be. The product has a D.I.N. From Health Canada and it has had traction through an online store we had on the internet. We bootstrapped the business as far as we could take it and constantly checked Amazon for any competition and there is none. With your investment, we can buy a large inventory and it will be number one of this kind of product and there is no number two product. We have a manufacturer as well who knows precisely the target markets for this product and is a vast market. This is not a cure or a treatment for any viruses germs or bacteria but a preventative single-use product that can be taken anywhere a person goes. Seeking $100,000 for purchase outright.
The monthly income varies. Please message me for more information. 


GAMBLING IN THE WORKPLACE SEMINAR,202                       
                      Presented by Bernie Walsh and Sherri Walsh

Businesses are dramatically impacted by workers addicted to VLTs. VLT addiction is invisible. Your workers problems become your problems. Addicted workers are far less  productive, they generate anxiety for your other workers they are absent more often and at some point in there tenure most likely will embezzle your businesses to feed their addiction to VLTs.
The seminar is interactive with the audience I will b asking them questions throughout. In the seminar we will teach the main signs that a worker in your employ has an addiction at a certain Level either early in the problem or near complete and feeling very nervous and anxious constantly. That's why I am here today is to stop the train wreck scenario that will take place if nothing is done.
The goal has to be no will be that we get them to come forward to a supervisor and no shame or anger to be thrust on them just caring and understanding and then Sherri and I with our skills will sit down with them. There will be an extra charge for the private meetings that the company will bear.
The cost of the seminar will be $1,100 and the last 15 minutes will be a real intense Q&A which will be very enlightening.

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