Las Vegas Flight Academy

Raising $800K for purchase of additional Full Motion Flight Simulator, investor return should be around 29%. Full Flight Simulation training is a $7+ Billion industry and growing!

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Las Vegas Flight Academy is an eight-bay full-motion flight simulation complex I built in 2005.  I have been a pilot for over 50 years. 

We provide the required initial type ratings for airline pilots.  Once a pilot completes training with us, and although they have never flown the actual aircraft, they are 100% qualified to fly the aircraft.

We currently have a 737-800, a B737-300, and another 737-800 on the way.  When the pilots are flying our full-motion flight simulator in every measurable and quantitative measure, they are flying the actual aircraft.  They also can practice things you would not do in a real plane, like engine fires or failure, Hydraulic failure, wind shear, water landings, etc.

Once qualified to fly, all pilots must do significant additional training in a full-motion flight simulator twice a year to keep them current for the rest of their working life. 

Do you know who makes all the money during the gold rush?  It was not the miners.  It was the people who sold the picks and shovels.  Full-motion flight simulations are the picks and shovels of the aviation industry.   A $786 Billion Industry

Looking for $800,000 from an investor for another B737-800 sim we bought for $6.6M.  We estimate a  return for investors of around 29% 

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