Langford Realty Arbitrage

Raising $250K to build, purchase. and/or rehab multi-family properties providing affordable living space to families in need of housing.

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New LLC wants to invest in multi-family units in order to provide affordable housing. The mission and motto at Langford Realty Arbitrage is "We Beautify The World One Property At A Time".  To accomplish this objective, Langford Realty Arbitrage (LRA) would set up a 3 to 4 month joint-venture  with angel  (private) investors  interested in the following scenario:

LRA - borrows $250,000.00 from investor @ 10% interest-only monthly payments. Balloon payment  due in 3 to four months.
Target Property is a 4-family income-producer that is 75% occupied and grosses  $5k monthly, This property is in  Brooklyn,  New York.  If rent roll was increased to $3,100 per month per unit,
gross annual rental income would be $144k.  The tenants pay their own utilities.
 The seller is asking $910K .
My Lender wants 20% down - $182K.   $68k remaining  for repairs, taxes, and closing costs.   Amt Financed with Lender $728K @ 14%, Will provide additional  draw funds for rehab. 
The ARV (After Repair Value) for this property will come in at $1.4MM.  Rehab on this property is very minimum and can be completed in 3 months.  The exit strategy for the Angel
investor would be to cash-out at $350k (in 3 months). That's LRA's niche in the NYC area.  4 family buildings selling for $800K to $950k can yield income and ARV at $1.5mm.  Zillow has 
their "Zestimate" value of this property coming in at $966K-$1.19mm before any rehab or enhancements are needed. There are other properties with metrics  like these.  So to investors
interested in short-term joint-venture arrangements, help us grow our portfolio and LRA will return 40% on every $250k invested (collateralized by a target property).  We  will manage the property and collect rent through a 3rd party management company.

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