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Raising 500k to create more professional jobs in the warehouse logistic industry

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I have two storage units where I have over $20k in equipment which is an big problem. During the pandemic we lost a lot of building to clean due to office closure. So during these trying times, we must reinvent ourselves and see how we can help other on the way. 

My business was just mainly Janitorial cleaning but we are filling the needs of our Clients and added a staffing solution division to my company. We need investor to grow our business to meet the new demands of our clients and move LAPJS in the right direction in hiring and training the new staff to provide a better service to our customers. 

We've hired new team member as a sanitation / cleaning associate in the warehouse. These associate have been trained in H.A.C.C.P, SQF, and FSMA to clean the facility properly. 

We trained and certified them on how to use electrical pallet jack. (Double and Single)

We also trained and certified them on forklift (LTO) and in the selection department. Once he mastered this, he/she can make more money from $18 to $22 per hour with ours or any company.

Our job/mission is to train and prepare new team members for an exciting career opportunity to better their future.

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