Kreating Tiny Dreamerz

Fundraising to provide Montessori-Style Childcare. 24 Hours. 5 Days a Week.

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It is our mission to provide affordable child care and educational services to the Fort Lauderdale area. We are committed to the application of innovative learning techniques for infants to pre-school aged children. Kreating Tiny Dreamerz takes childcare a step further by offering a flexible, 24-hour schedule to ensure that parents with non-standard work hours and/or obligations can utilize a reliable solution.  It is our vision to  inspire and uplift our youth in a safe and secure environment. Our primary goal is to expose young children to sciences, world cultures, languages, and various occupations; to spark early interests so that our youth is encouraged to create and follow their dreams throughout school-aged years, and into adulthood.  

An angel investor will contribute toward our ability to:
  •  select a suitable location  
  • conduct the necessary remodeling of the property 
  • purchase smart-security technology and surveillance systems for the property
  • furnish and design elements for our soon-to-be A+ preschool.  
"The Future is Just a Tiny Dream Away". 

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