Koulomb EV Charging

Raising ~$3MM in Equity / Junior Debt to build High Quality, High Utilization DC Fast Charging Stations (40%+ IRR, 10.0+ MOIC)

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My company is seeking a Series A Equity and/or Mezzanine debt investment of $3 - $5 million over the next two years to meet the growing demand for EV infrastructure in the Southeast US. 

  • Koulomb focuses on high-margin, DC Fast Charging installations, using a scalable, standardized installation process and propelled by an experienced leadership team, each with over 10 years of renewable energy experience.  Principals have experience running companies with revenues exceeding $50MM and taking renewable companies public via IPO.
    • This is a pure-play on public destination DC fast charging, and we expect the business to annualized returns of 40%+ over a ten-year period. 
    • Koulomb enjoys light overhead expense structure given its affiliation with utility-scale solar EPC, Pure Power Contractors (top #20), which serves as its prime contractor allowing Koulomb to avoid carrying heavy fixed expense.
    • Koulomb earns revenue via point-of-sale payment from EV drivers using its machines.
  • Koulomb uses a referral network to grow sites within high-opportunity CRE and has secured an LOI with a major Shopping Center REIT, based on the following value proposition: 
    • Fastest speed: Koulomb sources 180KW and 360KW chargers. 
    • Best uptime: Koulomb has best-in-class operations and maintenance to maximize uptime. 
    • Renewably sourced electrons: Koulomb purchases SRECs to back every KWh deployed.
  • Koulomb finances most of its installations with an existing Senior Debt facility and is seeking equity and/or mezzanine funding, a majority of which will be used as the equity component of each project’s financing.
  • Use of proceeds will be finalize first 35 stations (already under contract), generating $4MM in year up to over $30MM in year ten (as EV adoption grows).


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