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Investing in Kodaverse app

I am hoping someone will invest in my app so I can put my stories and books in it. People will subscribe to the app and will pay for the books they download. It will have characters bios, pictures by my artist. If I get more money invested in it, I can set up games as well. It will have an auto read and hopefully add distinct language in it too. So, if people from another country can read it in their language. I hope with this app, I will make more money than I am now with three books I have out. One of them is a different series than the other two. I have many stories I want to write and some I would like to keep going for a long time. I’ll have characters, timelines and so much in it. I plan on having some authors’ notes attached to some parts of the stories with facts about the characters or other things. If I make lots of money from the app, I can hire people to write some of them for me or try to make some graphic novels for some stories.


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