We’re in an Angel round Raising 1 Mil CDN to GTM. Will give us 12 month runway with rounding out our tech team and marketing. We have prototype and heading into Beta testing 1mth

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We’re in the SportsTech Space. A new easy way for athletes to crowdsource coaches. And much more. Plus a proprietary piece of tech that will change how filming your child or athletes with a phone or iPad is done.  We have multiple possible models but ADS and subscriptions / virtual goods to elite coaches and parents being the top 2. Customers are Coaches, Athletes, Parents and even Fans. I’m the CEO, I played in the NHL for 11 years and won 2 Stanley cups. Our COO played 15 years pro and coaches The WHL. Our  CTO has been apart of 2, billion+ dollar exits, as an architect. We have 8 Coaches and athletes on our sports council.  4 represented their countries at the highest level, olympics and such. . Hockey or figure skating. And were not done adding to it yet, I will get 20 on the council. This market is extremely fragmented and up for the taking.  I need strategic partners.  Cause it’s time to win. 

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