Kingdom Revolution Fitness Systems

Raising 5 million for fitness facility start up in Stockton CA

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Business Owner

 My name is Yosel Stallings and I am a Mexican/American Female entrepreneur proudly certified as a  (SB) (MBE) (DBE) (WBE) and currently working on my SBA8


(KRFS) Kingdom Revolution Fitness Systems is an elite fitness facility based in Stockton CA. I Strive to provide our members with the ability to reach their strength and healthy living goals by use of our state-of-the-art equipment, along with in-house personal trainers, nutritionist, protein bar services, an oxygen bar station, group fitness classes, open gym floors for team practices and much more. I aspire to provide our members, with an energetic and positive environment where they are welcomed and are empowered to succeed in their life-changing journey and bring life and revenue to our community and city.


  • people who are looking to get in shape and need direction and motivation
  • people who like to compete with others
  • Parents looking for me time 
  • Seasoned adults
  • Students eager to learn 
  • Beginners, the newbies to the fitness world
  • Multicultural groups 
  • First responders
  • weight loss patients 
  • Social media influencers/ bloggers
  • Body builders

Future of the company

I  understand that stepping into “Gym Culture” let alone owning our own gym, is accepting the challenge of the highly competitive atmosphere that comes along with it. My goal is to create an upbeat, motivational, and healthy environment for those looking to live a flourishing lifestyle, not only physically but mentally and spiritually. 

Vision Statement 

Building and strengthening our temples for greater purpose and greater  glory. 

Mission Statement

“Dear Friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.”  3 John 1:2 NLT

Company Description

My  company is a Christian based gym that is set up to not only provide fitness services but to provide hope to all that are willing to receive it. I  want our members to feel that they belong and have a team/family that is behind them in every step of their healthy living journey. My facility will be a place where people are inspired, encouraged, equipped and look forward to coming back again. 

The consumers will not only  come from faith based backgrounds but from other communities and walks of life, such as social media influencers, athletes, students, local MMA celebrities, seasoned adults, local law enforcement, rescue teams and so much more. The Organizations I plan to partner and serve will be City clubs for volleyball, healthcare facilities and schools and first responders.

As I stated under the business  customer category,  my  consumer goal is to serve the young, the seasoned, the disciplined and the one willing to walk in the door.

Company Advantages and Services

KRFS' advantages will be in the diverse amenities it will provide to its members for easy access to health and success. These include and will not be limited to the following.

  • In house personal trainers
  • nutritionists 
  • Bi-lingual Staff
  • exotic oxygen services
  • before and after supplement services 
  • designated open floor design/ courts for team practices
  • small group personal training sessions
  • 30-45 minute express classes 
  • HIIT classes
  • Yard CrossFit section
  • power lifting section
  • Our own in house gym brand apparel and gear available for purchase from within

Leadership team and Employees

Our team is a vital and important aspect of our business, they are the heartbeat that keeps our facility flowing and growing. We are true believers of the saying, “ you cant give what you don’t have” and passion is the driver for success within our company and members. 


I aim  to be located in the beautiful community of Morada in Stockton CA San Joaquin County.  The gym location is fitting for members living within close proximity or commuters with easy off the highway access.

I am proud to create an atmosphere of peace and unity where the body is built up ,healed and destined for greatness. 

Legal Structure 

The legal structure of KRFS is an LLC  

My future goal is to grow into a corporation that will facilitate various Locations and sub partner with other business.

Growth Strategy 

To grow my business, I plan to do the following:

  •  Utilize all forms of social media, Neighborhood articles, business websites, billboards. 
  • Connect with healthcare providers to offer services for future weight loss patients 
  • Meet with city athletic departments and provide a facility for youth athletes  to practice 
  • Meet with business owners to offer and engage employees with  (Healthy Living incentives) 
  • Partner with local schools to promote our business to students and athletes 
  • Partner with Silver Sneakers Fitness Program and serve the 55+ community
  • Partner with Federal and State agencies 


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