KidsXpress Urgent Care

We are looking to raise $300K-$350K

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My name is Dr. Felicia Fortune and I have worked in the traditional and pediatric urgent care industry for over 20 years. I worked for American Family Care for 14 years and helped them grow at a rapid pace and acquire a franchise model. Also, was the mastermind behind two pediatric urgent cares expansion.

I realized that there was a pain point in the marketplace for Pediatric Urgent Care Clinics and its current service model. Our service model will include treating non-life threatening emergencies, telemedicine, school based clinics, behavioral health, allergy testing, sports medicine, and memberships. I am looking for angel investors and to raise capital to expand the vision across the state and US creating a "National Brand".

KidsXpress Urgent Care is the premier alternative for pediatric urgent care across America. Our kid-friendly staff at KidsXpress Urgent Care is ready to assist with some of the most common childhood ailments for kids ages 0 - 21. Each location will  offer an on-site lab, x-ray facility, and telehealth capabilities to ensure the height of patient care, giving parents and caregivers an emergency room option that’s convenient, affordable, and reliable. When the doctor’s office is closed, KidsXpress Urgent Care is open and ready to provide an amazing level of care to help kids feel their best again.

Mission Statement
KidsXpress Urgent Care’s mission is to provide trustworthy, high-caliber pediatric urgent care services to children ages 0-21 while delivering innovative practices that inspire hope through lifelong access to quality healthcare.

Our vision is to build a nationally renowned company known for creating a healthy future for every child. We set out to accomplish this by being an innovative leader in pediatric healthcare and wellness; showing compassion for all kids and their families; providing the safest, most ethical and cost-effective medical care possible; and equally caring for all children in the areas we serve.

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