Keys & Kingdoms

We are the Minecraft of Music Learning

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We have developed an economical SaaS solution using an interactive video game called "Keys & Kingdoms"  that transforms how children, parents, and educators learn and experience music through an epic adventure with measurable learning outcomes. Our high value customers are families with kids (ages 6-15) that understand the value of music education and are looking for a solution for their kids.  We have an all-star team assembled with over 20+ years of industry experience and >$3B in aggregate product revenue with past companies including the former CCO of Activision Blizzard and the key architect behind Guitar Hero. 

We are new to the market (5 months) and are thrilled to be launching our new game through our exclusive partnership with Artesia Pro (piano keyboards) and Best Buy.  We also have 12 schools across the U.S. piloting our game and a potential partnership deal with the Boys and Girls Club in L.A.  We have also signed our first major pop artist, mxmtoon, to be integrated into the game for a unique player experience.  

We have raised almost $1M since product concept in 2019 and are looking to close out our current convertible note round (20% discount, 6M cap, +6% interest).   We have already raised $450k on the $500k note to date.   

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