Key Group Energies

Key Group Energies Bringing Energy to Net Zero and Unlocking the Door to Rare Earth Elements

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 Key Group Energies (KGE) is a technology company that develops projects and energy solutions using wind, solar, and rare earth minerals.  KGE promises to provide a better, cleaner, and greener future for our communities.  As industry leaders and innovators, KGE is focused on stemming from the long term declines to a clean energy transition.  

Our work at KGE has been to develop on going research and methodology in the advance studies in the energy sector.  Our engineers have developed extraction of rare earth elements known as REE from coal and waste. 

 For the past 10 years KGE has worked on the development of wind, solar & rare earth minerals. KGE is focused on working with Energy Communities for a long-term commitment to Clean Energy Solutions. Through ongoing research and methodology in the advance studies in the energy sector their engineers have developed extractions of Rare Earth Elements known as (REE) from coal. The process is spearheaded by cleaning up abandoned coal mines and revitalizing the land resulting in the ability to use the land for wind and solar energy! In the geographical locations that they have targeted there are over 5,000 abandoned mines and approximately 184,000 acres of unclaimed mining areas. The research at KGE shows over 200 million cubic yards total volume.  KGE associates and partners have the feed stock for the (REE). 

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