Starting a Mining Company in Uganda | Offering 150%-200% ROI

Raising $200k USD to fund Gold Mining in Uganda. They just found $12 Trillion worth of Gold! I have hands-on experience with mining in Africa, reach out to inquire.

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Uganda just announced 31Million Tons of Gold worth around $12 Trillion USD.   Reuters

And I'm trying  to acquire funds to mine it with my company.

TL;DR Uganda announced gold in fresh, untouched lands.  ROI I offer is 150%  for $200k; 175% for $300k; 200% for $500k.

A giant Chinese firm already signed some kind of contract to commence in a large mining operation.  The Federal    Uganda Independent News
While the Pie is still fresh and hot, it is cheap and and easy to get into the country as there is big allure.

I have hands-on experience with gold mining in other African countries, notably Ghana and Sierra Leone.   Ghana Mining   Sierra Leone
Am a shareholder in a Ghanaian mining company KARAT-M MINING COMPANY (My business partner and I started the company last June, in 2021)
Since then we have ventured out to Sierra Leone and done some mining in Ghana, but the allure of fresh lands in Uganda sounds a lot more intriguing.

I am familiar with the whole legal process in Uganda to startup and have a network of people who can ensure safety and government protection.
Link to the official Directorate of Geological Surveys and Mines

Overall the process is as follows:
  1. Company creation (you have to be physically present in the country to submit application to register a company)
  2. Prospecting License & Exploration License (once a company is created you must obtain both licenses to perform a geological survey of the land and be allowed to do so)
  3. Retention License & Location License (once a survey is submitted to the government's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Department (MEMD) you purchase the rights to be able to excavate and exploit the land for its minerals)
  4. Mining Lease (Once all other steps are done, you obtain a Lease to let you Mine and commission mining labor within the Surveyed and Registered area and you can finally begin setup of your equipment to begin mining)
Overall the cost is around $180k for Documents, Paperwork, and Commencement of Work; $20k on security (rather safe than sorry);  [$200k Total]

Security implies armed guards and government soldiers for protection. Once again, rather safe than sorry.

The technologies I am planning on using are:
  • Mining Burr (Use a burr to reduce the costs on the geological survey. Using a personal burr would allow you to not rent or hire a geological survey service company, saving money. Cost of this is around $5000 and setup and operation requires a generator, which is rentable)

  • Excavator (Use an excavator to dig an initial "Pit" where the mining will be commenced. Renting excavators is expensive so work with them must be well calculated and precise to avoid time loss and ensure work efficiency. Although an excavator is the backbone of most mining, average rent is around $10k/10 days, which is incredibly expensive. There exist simple techs that I've learned from local miners during my time doing gold mining in Ghana and Sierra Leone)

  • Boats (A Simple DIY float that can do gold dredging of alluvial sites. It is the cheapest and most efficient method we have come across that incorporates 1800s mining techniques with modern day machinery to create a small boat/float that can yield up to 50 grams per shift with an amazingly cheap upkeep of around $1000/week, compared to the Excavator's nearly $1000/day. Putting better pumps on the boat obviously yields greater results, so the boats are also scalable.)

  • Washer Plant/Sluice Box (The actual Gold catching component of the operation. This huge contraption must be well built and has to be properly cleaned and harvested every few hours. Building 2 Sluice Boxes ensures work efficiency as while one is being cleaned and setup to use again, the other is being used for mining. The Washers have to be prepared with Miner's Moss Blankets, which collect the gold and then get cleaned out when harvested. Building two (2) from scratch would cost around $10000)

  • Carpets/Blankets ( Any experienced miner will tell you that your output depends on the Miner's Moss carpets that you put on your Sluice Boxes. Poor quality carpet means big loss and low yield. AS these wear out with time, an occasional resupply of blankets from a Canadian or American Mining company will be unavoidable. Quality carpets yield greater yields and last longer because they're made of more durable materials unlike Chinese carpets.)

  • Centrifugal Concentrator (A concentrator to help separate large amounts of sand from the Gold. Once the Carpets are cleaned and reset on the Washer Plant to keep the flow of work, the sand from the Carpets has to be washed to separate gold from the sand. Although most of that is a manual process, once you reach the concentrated sand, you would definitely like a machine that can handle massive workload which it can perform without mistakes. The Tailings after the concentrator could also have gold, but it is dust so tiny that only machines like a shaking table can collect it.)

  • Manual Labor (Local workers make up the work force and perform the labor required to operate. They perform equipment assembly, and running the machines to do the mining)

The Process:
  • Fly in and settle in at the hotel
  • Rent out or buy a pickup truck for transport (this is essential)
  • Create a New Company
  • Hire security and protection. Obtain Arms.
  • Obtain Prospecting and Exploration Licenses
  • Use Mining Burr or Excavator to Survey a Site
  • Create Survey report and submit to obtain Retention and Location Licenses
  • Obtain Mining Lease on the Vein deposit 
  • Rent out Excavator to begin Excavation of a Pit
  • Begin welding of Washer Plants and Boats.
  • While the Pit is being dug out, setup Centrifugal Concentrator and Washer Plants
  • When the Boats are ready, Move them to the Pit and begin mining
The Mining:
  • 2 Washer Plants - to ensure efficiency and uninterrupted workflow. While one Washer Plant is being cleaned, workers dredge into the other Washer Plant.
  • 4 Boats - to ensure constant mining. 2 Boats per Washer Plant. 
  • 3 Teams of Workers -  
    • 2 Teams  of 6 workers to operate Boats.  Boat teams switch to the other 2 Boats every hour 
      • 1 Strong worker per team to start Engines and equipment.
    • 1 Team of 6 workers to clean the Washer Plants.  Washer Team cleans and prepares the Washer Plant  to be used again every hour. 
      • 2 workers clean and prepare the Washer Plant
      • 4 workers wash and process the Gold Sand
  • Setup 2 Washer Plants not far apart, leaving space in between where the Washers will collect the sand from the Blankets and wash away the sand to leave Gold and concentrate.
  • Setup 4 Boats in the Pit, Secure them in place using ropes so that the Boat doesn't move while dredging.
  • Begin Mining and switch setup every hour.  Switching setup insures gold loss, that way every hour some results are harvested and Gold doesn't slip away back into the ground. 
    • Setup A and B consist of 1 Washer Plant and 2 Boats whose hoses are attached to the plant.
    • While Setup A works, Setup B is cleaned and prepared for work, and vice versa.
    • While Setup A works, Sand collected from B is processed to extract Gold.
  • Wages are paid weekly to ensure productivity and curb laziness. Workers are given a bonus if the week is extremely abundant.
  • Gold collected is transported to the main refinery at the Capital for refining whenever there is enough of it (Monthly or Bi-weekly, depends on results)

If you're interested and would like to know more feel free to reach out and contact me at:
E-mail:  [email protected]
Phone:  (347)-987-9701
WhatsApp: +1 (347)-987-9701  /  +233-(59)-600-9230

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