Kanna Captive Solutions

raising 700,00 to 2 million capital

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We are developing an offshore captive insurance company for the cannabis business, which is buying weak, small, inadequate coverage from non-admitted carriers(all but one which means if they fail there is no state solvency fund to pick up the outstanding claims). These companies will be gone when the claims start coming, in as we experienced with generic drugs when they were first introduced. Ask Pete Kadens formerly of GTI about his coverages.. A cannabis captive is the answer: domiciled offshore with American A front paper and A reinsurance...This is the answer for the billons being invested in canna: a company that will eventually be sold to larger carrier when MMJ is legal...We have a 3,000 plus person broker distribution system in place.....see Kannariskmgt.com and "kanna knowledge" our twice monthly newsletter....Michael(working from home in Chicago @ 312 -675-8030)

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