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Store front expansion

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We are just ordinary people with extraordinary churros! Freshly made in front of your eyes! We are in the process of opening a store location in the prime Tucson, AZ area. We currently have a food truck that has been operating in Tucson for about 10 years now. Selling fresh authentic churros has been a family tradition started by my tata (grandpa) in Douglas, AZ since 1981. I am opening this store next month as a 3rd generation churrero (churro maker) with the sole purpose of continuing a family legacy that must live on. My tatas dream was to be the best churrero in Southern Arizona and im here for the challenge and destiny set before me. The problem with churros in America especially is that they are rarely found fresh. I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ and the market for freshly made churros is huge! We solve the problem by being unique at what we do. We have a specialty designed churro machine that my tata designed also a recipe that I have never seen on youtube. Our history and love we put into the art of making churros is what makes us stand out. Currently we are part of some of the amazing events in Tucson like the Tucson Rodeo, UofA Festival of Books, 4th of July events, mexican independence day, Tucson Meet Yourself, Mariachi Conference, Dia de los muertos parade, and have worked in the parking lot of the most known sonoran hot dog guy in town that has been featured on the food network and has won a James Beard award, El Guero Canelo. While I was there Alton Brown was on his tour and had some of our churros and tweeted it to his over 1 million followers. We have had great success as a food truck and the move to a store front is a bold move that we would like to make to create a more consistent connection of our fresh churros for the Tucson community and its treasured visitors. As we open the Just Churros store, we will continue to keep the food truck running for catering and events. We are asking for 50 to 100 thousand dollars to help achieve our vision. I project that this goal will take us to many learning experiences, which will help us rise to the next level. Im excited to see what will and can come of this venture of continuing a family legacy that was blessed by the churreros that passed before me, my dad and tata. I would love to believe that they are both in heaven making churros with the angels. Thank you for your time. 

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