Juke N Jive Creamery

Funding for a second Retro Ice Cream Shop in a high traffic location.

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Juke N Jive Creamery is a 1950's retro ice cream parlor.  We have a rock-ola jukebox, retro booths, and our staff dress like soda jerks. We are family-friendly and kids just love to come to visit us. We make all of our ice cream in-house and with all-natural flavors and colors.  We also make our flavored waffle cones, homemade desserts, and fudge. We've been open for four years in July. We survived a global pandemic with flying colors. We are in the process of having an ice cream truck built for festivals and events, which we do now, but with a tent set up. 
We have been working with the Cumming City Center in Cumming, GA, for about a year. We have our floor plan laid out by A City Discount and our business plan is finished.  The City Center consists of an amphitheater that seats up to 8,600 people, restaurants, a brewery,  shops, a walking path, and a mini-golf course. It backs up to Forsythe high school which has 3,400 students. They are making a walking path from the high school to the City Center. We have been given exclusive rights to have our ice cream truck at all of the events. We have thoroughly thought this out and we're ready to move forward with expansion and the branding of Juke N Jive Creamery. 


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