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Hi investor 

My name is Joseph Jones, I’m a Product developer. I have Two new patent idea that is Important and different.  Two new, and Fantastic Idea.  That I like to submit to your company for consideration. 

One; is a Technological advancement in Automated Surveillance, that is full of important needed and helpful information, and with an identification database.  

I like to introduce you to an important and Best new surveillance system that is a wanted and needed  device that will be love by the consumer. It’s for the consumer that doesn’t want to be victimize by known predators with fraudulent credentials. If you know someone who was a victim, or you have been a victim of a home invasion then you know how much of a devastating experience it can be. People need to Know before they open the Door.

The Big Difference about the Smart Door Device, from all the other Surveillance System is Smarter. 

It will Stop an home invasions no other Surveillance System can claim to do.  when people are in their home or when there are out, the device will answer the door and ask question and investigate to identify  a known predator like a sex offender. Or it can ask to read the stranger ID to see if there on official business. Or if the stranger need helping the device can let the stranger make a call for help. Or the device makes the call for help for the stranger. If the stranger is lost the device can help to find a geographic location, thereby obviating a requirement to open the door, preventing the stranger from pushing his way in.  Or Imagine just being able to have an device that can answer the door, and the device knowing  who to send a way if you don’t wont to talk to that person when you are home.  Sometime people panic, Imagine a device that remind you to close doors when it a fire or open the window if it carbon monoxide or gas. Or What to do for bad burns cuts or broken bones, all while calling for help.

I am 65 years old and I am on disability, I was on disability for the pass twenty years. This is why I came up with this Idea. My anxiety I had for opening my door, I’d also needed to know that someone or something can watch over me and can help me when I am alone and need help.   I like to know what you can do to help me get an license agreement.  Maybe we can make some kind of deal.  

I would greatly appreciate it if you can take out the time to review all the info and video I can send you, You will see there is no a better new surveillance system. I hope you will find it to be of great Important, and an new Fantastic Surveillance Unit. I’m sure you will find it can be a very Profitable venture. that I like to submit to your company for consideration 

1.This Product can also be made to help fight and Protech you from the  CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC

2.This Device can be easily improve to do more and more

3. this Device is design to Protect you in your home from multiple Threats

My deliberate; Although The Fourth Amendment to the constitution of the United States ensures that ”the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, but when someone comes to your door, and you ask who is it, you have the right and the need to know the true before you open your door.

There is 70 Specification in my patent application to know all the device can do see my Patent.         and a { video on YouTube}      



Two; The Pierce Ear Hole Protector. It Is an stylish Earring

The Solution for people, that ear hole gets painful or an infection when wearing an stylish pierce earring

The present invention relates to an earring, a pierce ear hole protector earring, wherein a metal, gold or other metallic, is an hypodermic tube that will go into a hole of a pierce ear, wherein can make an injection of a healing substance around the pierce ear hole area to keep the pierce ear hole from closing or getting an infection or a sore, by administering an injection into the center hole of the hypodermic tube treating the sore area around the pierce ear hole with a medicine of choice for a pain relief and an healing.

 The pierce ear hole protector has an small funnel shape cup connected to the hypodermic tube to hold an ointment like Vaseline or Neosporin or other ointment wherein then deposit an injection of ointment to center top hole of hypodermic tube for a pain relief treating sore and helping the ear hole to heal properly.  The pierce ear hole protector is an stylish earring that have a diamond or another designer head that act as a plunger to make an injection, of a healing substance in the cup into the center hole of the hypodermic tube.  It  also comprise a small screw on nipple on the opposite end of the hypodermic tube, wherein the nipple is configure to drawing or absorb a fluid substance like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide or other fluids into nipple then inject into the pierce hole

Now millions of men, woman and children will no longer have to suffer the painful soreness of a pierce ear. Or having to push to reopen the hole   

    My deliberate; When The Pierce ear Hole Protector become known, it will be Desired by all that have a pierce ear.    



 Joseph Jones: Product developer      

252 Madison street APT4R , Brooklyn New York 11216

 [email protected]       phone (917) 865-2909 



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