JLB Logistics, Inc

Tech and Logistics company doing $7mill a year looking to expand our operations + New Logistics uber app

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A tech-driven logistics company:

We are a logistics company that does $7mill in revenue a year we are a 3pl with warehousing, we offer brokerage of freight to truck drivers with profits and now we are developing an app so that customers can book drivers on our 2 million driver database and track their shipments. We have 2 locations and need a bigger crew to do marketing and customer support team. We work with Large solar farm customers that build over 500 acres or 2.9 Megawatts of the solar field we are very fortunate on our experience in this industry but we want to take the company to the next level you can call or text me anytime at 727-656-6768 or send me an email at [email protected] right now we have no investors 
We are a family company located in Florida seeking a good investor to join us and we do walk-ins into our office as well

APP Name is SWOS: SWOS stands for Smarter Way of Shipping our sole goal as a company and family is to improve the way people ship goods. We are professionals in the industry who see the large gap for improvement we took it upon ourselves to close that gap by creating a technology that allows pier to pier transactions. We are cutting out the middle man and unnecessary fees associated with brokers and dispatchers by connecting carriers to shippers directly in real-time through our technology. This will allow for more efficient communication and an effective supply chain infrastructure. This is the future of logistics it will allow both drivers and shippers the ability to track shipments 24/7, drivers will receive pay the next day with no factoring companies involved, shippers will receive POD the same day the load is delivered, and the app will keep track of invoices and past payments. Help us build a better tomorrow through the way we connect and ship, you can show your support by following us on social media or investing. 

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