Jefferson Fry Company

Raising 240k to help us expand and open our 4th location.

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Jefferson Fry Company, the fast food revolution has begun, Dirty Fries Burgers and Shakes. Join us. 

We have taken French Fries to the front and center of the fast casual world. Competing in the "Better Burger" space, JFC has a truly delicious promotional niche. Having established a 62.5% Gross Profit Margin in our first 2 years of trading. JFC is prepared to grow. 

Customers from all walks of life have developed a love for our French fry creations. French Fries are loved the world over and we bring that love and world flavor together in our restaurant. Poutine! Taco Fries Fusion fries and so much more, We have developed taste profiles unmatched in the fast food space. 

We have invested in our team and have added financial, marketing and tech team members who are all brought together through their love of our experience. 

We would love for you to join us as we continue the fast food revolution! Please check out our website  and contact us to find out more!

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